My doctor referred me to Erin twelve years ago for medical massage because of neck pain due to a car accident.  After several treatments my pain had significantly improved. Within 5 weeks I had regained relatively pain free range of motion.  Since then I’ve continued to see Erin regularly for massage.  I find it helps me relax and also works out occasional aches and pains from an active life. 

– Linda Miller, Attorney

I have been seeing Erin for over 5 years for regular massage and manual lymph drainage.   I had problems with the veins in my legs which were aggravated by being on my feet much of the day teaching, and by frequent air travel.  This resulted in chronic swelling in my legs. I knew about manual lymph drainage from Germany, where it is widely practiced.  I was very happy to find Erin here in Fort Collins doing outstanding work!  Since seeing her regularly I have had no more swelling in my legs, despite flying often between Germany and the US.

– Elke Schad, Teacher

When I relocated to Fort Collins, I immediately began looking for a certified massage therapist who was also a Vodder trained lymphedema therapist.  It’s always been a challenge to find a massage therapist who wouldn’t aggravate my lymphedema, so I was ecstatic when I discovered Erin.

She has truly been a blessing.  During each session, not only do I get a lymphedema treatment, but I walk away relaxed from my massage!  Erin is absolutely indispensable.  

– Jan Harvey

Former volunteer for the Race for the Cure; Reach to Recovery;
Women Helping Other Women Breast Cancer Support Group;
and the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Task Force.